a.) A term used to describe a television show that claims to be a reality show, but is very clearly scripted. In the fashion of the obviously-fake douchery of the show Viva La Bam from Bam Margera.

b.) When the situations and/or conversations in a reality-type show are too ridiculous or convenient to not have been written in a script.
In that episode of Pawn Stars that was on last night, Rick had to find Chum Lee who was lost in Disney Land. That show has just become "Viva La Pawn Stars"
by ContinuumTransfunctioner September 6, 2010
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A phrase used by Argentines to honor the fatherland
Person 1: The falklands are british
Person 2: Viva la patria
Person 1: *dies*
by TheLordJesús June 15, 2018
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VVLF is on the helmet of 7-time world motorcycle racing champion Valentino Rossi. It translates as "Viva VIVA la figa!" The man clearly loves pussy - and the pussy sure loves him back.
by baz666 August 7, 2008
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Long live the people.

This was a slogan heavily used in the 1960's and 1970's in the movement to unionize migrant farm workers. Then used in the Chicano movement thereafter.
Viva la raza! Used as a slogan in rallies
by clouddancer March 16, 2017
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Expression used by Papa Roach in the song 'Infest'. Latin for "Long live the cockroach".
Welcome to the original Papa Roach soundfire
Viva La Cucaracha!
by IonBC July 11, 2009
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viva la vida is a song by coldplay
viva la vida also means live your life
damn holmes you shouldn't be so uptight. viva la vida holmes
by rafmaster June 17, 2008
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To start a revolution and begin to fight against an establishment.
*Raise your first and shout "Viva La Revolucion!" to get the people on your side*
by Gurashie February 12, 2010
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