Street-name for secanol--a barbituate/downer. Secanols are called reds because 1) it's easier to say than secanol when you're jaw is too numb to work and 2) the pills are lipstick-red.
We should all take a lesson from Jimi Hendrix--Never mix reds with whiskey and then choke on your own vomit.
by Bill Brasky December 16, 2004
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1. Team mascot for the Cincinnati baseball team.

2. Nick name for Liverpool FC.

3. Slur for American Indians.

4. Slang for Communists, particularly Russian or Red China.

5. Street-name for Seconal--a barbiturate/downer.
1. The Reds again failed to make the play-offs.

2. The Reds are the most successful football team in England.

3. The Reds attacked the wagon train.

4. The Reds have invaded Cambodia.

5. Don't mix Reds and Alcohol.
by Stargoat October 14, 2012
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The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) created in 1922, communists.
Damn commies with their nukes
by Extreme June 19, 2004
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The title of the Cincinnati-based Major League Baseball team that won the 1990 World Series. They now have the Great American Ballpark as their home stadium.
The Cincinnati Reds was the first official MLB team to be formed.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary January 31, 2005
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1. Team mascot for Cincinati's baseball team.
2. Slur for American Indians
3. Slang for Russian Communists.
Don't let the reds take over, they'll make us all commie.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 22, 2005
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Stinking, awful, Red Rizlas.

Thick as copy paper, and about as wide, reds are for the stoner who smokes such weak gear (likely soap bar hash) that paper fumes are an essential chemical component of the high.

Often used by novice, or unskilled smokers, as the size and weight of the paper make it easier for feeble hands.

Only acceptable as a last resort, when too blazed to roll properly, or if you're smoking brambles.
B: "Right then, chuck us some skins, actuate the phonograph, and stick the kettle on Cuthbert"

C: "I've only my trusty reds. Incidentally, Spa just shut."

B: "You really are a first-class cunt, Cuthbert"
by bmr May 13, 2004
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