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Vivica is FUCKING GORGEOUS!!!! She usually has long brown hair and can charm ANY Boy with her Beauty,And how smart she is .Shes very talented Kinda shy...But once you get to know her she can be Hella Funny...If anybody messes with Vivica she will Fire back 10 times harder and WIN!!! Vivica is THE MOST AMAZINGEST GIRL IN THE WORLD
Vivica:to be pretty and a boss Ass bitch
by ...randomperson... April 14, 2017
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Vivica \v(i)-vi-

ca\ as a girl's name is a variant of Viveca (Scandinavian, Old German), and the meaning of Vivica is "alive; war fortress".
The baby name Vivica sounds like Vivika, Viveka and Vivecka. Other similar baby names are Vinica and Vivia.
by ChocolateFoxxx October 11, 2011
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A girl who has no type of heart when petty. But she's very loyal and straightforward with your dumbass.
Person 1: Omg I hate that girl.
Person 2: Bitch you stupid, that's Vivica.
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by chineefoohaniyday March 20, 2017
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breasts that have hardened breast implants. named for the bad boob job done on Vivica A. Fox.
Damn, that woman is plastic. Check out those Vivicas bolted to her chest, weird.
by late night connosuer October 21, 2006
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Vivica is the HOTTEST. She is fucking gorgeous, she has no tits but a THICK ass, normally has long brown wavey hair and is short. Vivica is the nicest person I have ever met. she lives making jokes and likes fooling around with other people and being funny.
person: whos that girl with that big ass
Person 2: That has to be Vivica
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by thick booty May 23, 2019
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