Area code for Northern Alberta. Often used by Edmontonians as slang for their city.
Let's hit up the 780 pub strip!
by Meghan August 26, 2003
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780 is a group of people that are quiet, humle, they like to skate and smoke. They don't surround themselves with toxic people and they don't like to start any drama or they dont like to fight but when they do, they don't talk about it, only action.
Even though John is quiet, he will still beat the shit out of you, he's in 780.
by Sosa_X October 19, 2019
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"Damn son, that cracka 780! Whoop!"
by OJ February 11, 2003
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adj: posessing a feeble political mind; lacking in critical thought.
As the speech progressed, it became blatantly apparent that the mayor was 780, and had to be removed from office immediately.
by Merlin February 11, 2003
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1. Being hypocritical.
2. Hating ones self.
That fatboy called somebody else fat! HAHA What a 780 that kid is.
by Wonton February 11, 2003
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89 x 780 = funni number
Joe: Tell me a funni
Joe 2: type 89 x 780 in calculator
Joe: bruh that’s a funni
by David 69 Brown January 27, 2021
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what the fuck does 780 mean?”
by urmomissuperhot March 13, 2022
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