28 definitions by The Gosh Dang Bruin

When you sneak up behind your friend and put your hand in their pocket and grab their junk.
Dom threw Jake a nasty Back Door Slider last night.
by The Gosh Dang Bruin April 20, 2021
Used to emphasize something. Those who use this show they have no doubt clouding their mind on the matter at hand.
Holy we're fine.
by The Gosh Dang Bruin February 10, 2020
Former high school track runners who happen to be blonde. They have a rapid metabolism that operates based off of pure stupidity. They enjoy American cuisine. Farting through thin sweatpants is a large part of their repertoire.
Those hyper blonde skinnies have such low IQs.
by The Gosh Dang Bruin October 27, 2018
When a male’s genitalia are visible through his pants. Not in the sense that they are see through though. In the sense that you can see the mass of the penis and ballsack, the best yam bags are just lumps of mass that one cannot discern penis from balls
Biff has a raging Yam Bag in his Adidas sweatpants.
by The Gosh Dang Bruin September 2, 2019
The heroic and brave act of cracking open a bubbly while you lie on your back as someone performs sexual acts to you. It is an extreme display of profound laziness.
Wanna come over later so I can have a beer during?
by The Gosh Dang Bruin April 25, 2019
A statement made about an observation that is overwhelmingly true (and/or funny) when you think about it, but a statement not anyone can make.
An Owen Statement example: A hot pretzel that gets cold at a sports game is colder than the actual temperature outside.
by The Gosh Dang Bruin February 10, 2020