28 definitions by The Gosh Dang Bruin

When you fake with your hand that you are reaching for a titty twister, but instead reach down abruptly into the homie’s pants and grab their junk.
Did you see that wicked 12-6 curveball Jake just dealt to Brandon?
by The Gosh Dang Bruin April 21, 2021
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When you are so drunk you think an item at McDonald’s called the Mc50 exists.
Tyler ordered a Mc50 with Shack sauce, he is clearly Mc50’d.
by The Gosh Dang Bruin July 17, 2019
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The heroic and brave act of cracking open a bubbly while you lie on your back as someone performs sexual acts to you. It is an extreme display of profound laziness.
Wanna come over later so I can have a beer during?
by The Gosh Dang Bruin April 25, 2019
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A statement made about an observation that is overwhelmingly true (and/or funny) when you think about it, but a statement not anyone can make.
An Owen Statement example: A hot pretzel that gets cold at a sports game is colder than the actual temperature outside.
by The Gosh Dang Bruin February 10, 2020
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A phenomena that makes anything funnier. If you are talking about a person or a thing and then say, "Now Look", without fail the thing or person will be even funnier than you once thought.
"The uncles are going off right now"
"Hahaha now look"
by The Gosh Dang Bruin February 10, 2020
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