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A guy who is so sweet, hot, funny and more. if You find a mekhi keep him in your life.
Person 1:who is that
Person 2: thats mekhi
Perosn 1: hes hot!
by bubblegirl455 August 23, 2014
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A Mekhi is a really nice person. No matter what you would always want to be with him. He loves to have friends, but when left alone he is silent. Mekhi would be a great boyfriend and good friend. So if you have Mekhi as a friend or boyfriend. Never let go of him. Mekhi is usually a black/mixed, black/dark brown hair, and brown eyes and he is usually funny. Mekhi loves to hand out with anybody.
Person: Man, Mekhi is a good person. And he is funny.

Person 2: yeah. I wish I was like him.
by Mekhi March 04, 2018
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A super sweet kid who has weird yet sexy hair. A person who makes super cute faces while concentrating.
Person 1: Look at that guy! He is super sexy!
Person 2: O MAI GAD! I think that's a Mekhi!
Person 1: O mai gad! You're right! Every girl deserves a Mekhi....
by Darcy Love October 14, 2013
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Mekhi is Sweet, funny, tall, strong, fast, smart, dark skin, chess prodigy, amazing, hot, sexy, and modest he likes being around people and if you leave him alone he'll be silent nice and knows several martial arts.
Person 1: Ohhh my god it's mekhi he's so hot I want to go out with him
Person 2: I'd kill for mekhi
Person 1: I feel like masturbating he's so hot
by AnEMMAFROMTMMS May 24, 2018
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A person who is special funny smart caring hot and so much more
by Bananashark6545 February 09, 2019
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