A device known as a vape.
Guy: I just hit the shack, shit got me domed.
by Ayecallmejohnny September 20, 2018
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A term for a vape device with nicotine
You got your shack bro? I’m tryna rip it and get shacked
by Bethlehem student April 17, 2019
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A term used by people from Southern California and it describes any nicotine delivery device. Commonly a juul.
1: Yo dude can I get a quick shack? I’m fiending!!
2: ofcouce bro I got mango

1: dude I’m so fucking shacked right now
2: yeah dude those 6% eon pods get you hella shacked
by Pacificpalisides November 18, 2018
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A term for a “smoking” session using electronic cigarettes, and most commonly Juuls. The term originated in La Jolla, CA; from there it quickly spread to the nearby city of San Diego, and grew in popularity across the nation among high schoolers who don’t realize it sounds to older people like they’re talking about having sex.
Hey bro, wanna go shack in my car after this period?

Yeah, me and Tommy just shacked in the bathroom so hard bro!
by hattyhatman May 24, 2018
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A structure made by a certain person when hoping to perform a sexual act, these shack building experieces are often ruined by certain little ferrets and made by mainly boys called Eddie, ed or Edward or captain
boy: you wanna come back to my place;)
Girl: yeah sure;)
Boy: I got a shack ready and waiting for your snatch

Girl: greattt:/
by Bantaboy101 November 15, 2016
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A word you shouldn't say!
You sh*ck!
a bad word (shack)
by fguawerivbft3guA November 27, 2019
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Term Californians use to “hit the juul” or get a nicotine buzz from the juul
Josh: yo u gotta shack?
Drake: fuck ya
*josh hits juul*
Josh: I’m so shacked right now
by Juulgodshackgod November 12, 2017
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