138 definition by Taylor

a gay black man, derived from the famous gay piano player liberachi.
man that niggerachi is shure good at giving anal and other gay shit.
by taylor February 27, 2005

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Achraf is the coolest guy ever! He can dance, sing, and is very hot!
He looks very good
by Taylor April 13, 2005

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A code of ethics that began in Sicily that a mafioso follows when he swears into La Cosa Nostra. Generally pertaining to personal and family honor, and self rule without government intervention.
Before joining Fat Tony's mob, I had to swear the Omerta.
by taylor October 13, 2003

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chink, jingle, tinkle, penis
watashi no chinchin wa ooki desu.

My penis is big.
by Taylor November 12, 2003

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Taylor misses him and wants to see him again in tunisia!
I love him, and miss him
by Taylor April 14, 2005

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noun. a disturbance or hubbub; a small scale disturbance. an upsetting event
Due to yesterday's kerfluffle, I will be leaving the community.
by taylor November 22, 2004

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oral sex on a guy, but in a p.g. rated name.
Kendra was seen giving Victor a mouth hug.
by Taylor June 07, 2004

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