138 definition by Taylor

An exclamation that is almost as versatile as the word 'fuck' itself. More common amongst canadians, who are more prone to using the term "eh".
"Are we gonna win?" "Fuckin'eh we will!"
"Fuckin' eh man, what the hell are you doing?"
"I got them for free""Fuckin'eh!"
It'll work in tons more ways than this too...
by Taylor May 26, 2003

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The best band ever. They have a really good sound and i cant get enough of them. All their videos are great. HIM also has the sexy lead singer Ville Valo. Ville Valo smokes and drinks a lot but he is still the most sexy man in the world. Ville Valo also has a deep sexy voice thats sounds great.
"Circle of Fear"
"Sweet Six Six Six"
"gone With the Sin"
and a lot more. all of their songs are awsome.
by Taylor February 02, 2005

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a boy who is oh so cute but knows hes cute and thinks hes black...but you gotta love him...
ehh negative that boy is so jarius
by Taylor January 06, 2005

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the most awesomest weirdo. Loves to use the danish word ya elshgidie. I could possibly see a stine burrowing in the mud. Also has a crazy laugh kinda like tehehe. Very ticklish
If i was cool i would hang out with a stine.
by taylor January 25, 2005

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just kidding or just playing around
"Hey,I met bow wow yesterday and he told me he wanna go with me" JK
by Taylor November 24, 2003

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a term used when excited.
"eee! i found my penis!"

"eee! i have no penis!"
by taylor November 24, 2003

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"dont hate on my ass"
justin get a life, ur just mad cause ur ass isnt as big as mine!
by Taylor June 11, 2003

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