138 definition by Taylor

An asian person who acts white, likes to listen to rock and sucks at math.
Kevin is such a twinkie, He sucks at math and listens to Slayer.
by taylor March 31, 2005

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A new thing in Windows XP for the user to have the option of sending in the error to Microsoft. It is said to be useless and annoying, but in future years(3-5) Theres errors will be programmed and used to help...but they have no effect on the programs right now.
To disable these annoying things, go to Control Panal>Performance and Maintenance>System>Advanced>Error Reporting>Check 'Disable error reporting.'

Or you may just right click the My Computer icon and go to Properties>Advanced>Error Reporting>Disable
by Taylor January 04, 2005

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Once in a millenium a woman is born who is both beautiful and fun to tickle under a shady tree. The person I am talking about is of course the most eligible bachelorette in the Northern Hemisphere. A woman of both grace and Christian morals, she is held in the highest regard worldwide. She certainly is the human race's finest being.
When Debs walked onto the baseball field in her skimpy outfit, I creamed my pants.
by Taylor July 06, 2003

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A lollipoop is the asshole of a male or female

typically used in a sexual manner
taylor: dude i heard u gave christine a rim job?

john: oh yeah! i licked her lollipoop!
by Taylor November 26, 2006

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its a radical sheep that i used to watch when i was just a wee child. =P
lambchops is pimpin'.
by Taylor March 30, 2005

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Slang term for vagina.
I want you to put my weenis in your pachina.

I need to inspect your pachina.
by taylor February 20, 2003

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The GREATEST and HOTTEST Scream Queen of all!!!! ALL HAIL!!!!
I had a boring night, and then Neve Campbell walked into the room. BOY! That brightened my day!
by Taylor March 16, 2005

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