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a girl who has been through a hell of a lot and has a rough life and has trust issues because of it she never backs down from a fight and always wins she doesn’t always like people and only has a few best friends she’s kinda popular and drop dead gorgeous boys love her and girls want to be her she’s very independent and doesn’t talk to her family it takes a long time to get her to open up to you but it’s worth it she’s a great friend and a great person
guy 1 : yo bro did you hear about dylan and kendra
guy 2 : he didn’t deserve her i would treat her so much better she deserves to be treated like a queen
by jordanbacon March 14, 2018
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A cute funny amazing girl she make everyone smile when she walks in the room any guy who is able to have her is the luckiest fucking man alive. She laughs at evrything you say she is very shy and doesn't have that many friends because she likes to keep her life low key. She drop dead gorgeous and all the gorls are jealous
Samantha: hey did you hear what happens during lunch?
Christina: no what happened?
Samantha:Kendra walked in and all the boys dropped dead.
Christina: really but just look at her.
by Mini_QUEEN_B March 01, 2015
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a young beautiful girl who is always there for you the best friend you could ever have.she is very clever smart and funny.she can be a little psychotic some times
that girl is so sweet she must be Kendra
by Nikkita January 04, 2017
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Kendra a beautiful misunderstood woman. Kendra can make any heartbreak. She is the love of many people. She makes every man jealous of her boyfriend. The only girl people think about
Man-1 Hey who is that girl. She is super hot

Man-2 Oh her that’s Kendra I wish I could have her
by Dank-Chicken-Strip March 07, 2018
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A Kendra is a very nice, smart, and beautiful and amazing girl and most people take her for granted and nobdy looks at her true personality even tho that is usally her best quality.
Person 1: Dude I cant get over my X girlfriend.
Person 2: Just go get you a Kendra you'll fall in love instantly

Person 3: Yea, that's what I did I love my kendra
by Football178830 September 25, 2016
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Kendra is an amazing girl. She will be always there for you no matter what and she’s very loyal. She can brighten up a whole room with just a smile. She’s also very outgoing and bright. Kendra is super attractive yet nice. Any boy would be so lucky to have her. She has a great personality and she’s super positive. Kendra usually has many friends because she’s populare and friendly.
by Kylee S. February 14, 2018
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