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Unnecessarily complicated or pretentious words that smug assholes use to assert their perceived intellectual "superiority."
Brad: "Frankly, the film's quality was substandard at best, leading to an inherent dissociation and disconnect to myself as a paying audience member. It was almost insolent in its pandering. Thus, I can only describe the experience in viewing the film as one of a cataclysmic nature."

Tina: "So, you're saying you didn't like the film. What's with all the five-dollar words?"

Brad: "That statement is a gross oversimplification of my feelings regarding what should be a work of art. I'm merely trying to open and nurture a dialog , so that we may enjoy eachother's company in the spirit of natural, healthy debate."

Tine: "You're just trying to impress me and get in my pants, aren't you? Ain't happening."

Brad: "Well... shit."
by TaxiFred September 1, 2016
Movies that are fun to watch without necessarily being particularly good. The sort of film you sit down to watch while eating copious amounts of popcorn and drinking soda by the gallon at the theater.

Often contain a lot of fluff and special-effects, and are generally little more than silly, pure escapism. Which is why they're fun to watch after a long week of dealing with fucktards at work or school.

The 90's and early 2000's were the heyday of popcorn-movies thanks to the development of better special effects and filming techniques that were fun to watch... but often came at the expense of story and serious character development. However, with the growing popularity of "gritty" and "realistic" films (aka, boring-ass Zack Snyder bullshit where everything is filmed in extreme shaky closeup and stories go on about twice as long as they need to), popcorn-movies in the late-2000's through the present no longer contain the fun or wow factor they once had. Now it's just lame, joyless bullshit.
The 1999 version of "The Mummy" is a REAL 'popcorn movie.'

Fucking "Transformers 17: Reign of the Rise of the Revenge of Vengence in 3D" or whatever horseshit is passing for 'popcorn movies' these days is just grating bullshit.
by TaxiFred April 3, 2016
1. Predominately a term to describe someone who spent a majority of their pre-adolescent childhood in the 1990's. The sweet spot for this definition is people born between the mid-to-late 80's and early 90's. It is often used as a warm, comforting label. This use of the term is also often exploited as a buzz word in clickbait articles, which are written to appeal to the nostalgia of the reader.

2. The term has also more recently been co-opted by slightly younger individuals, and can more broadly be applied to anyone born in the 1990's. (Though people who follow the first definition often disagree with this use of the term.)
1. Greg was born in 1988, and considered himself a real 90's kid. He still has his original Terminator 2 action figures, and used to eat Dunkaroos while watching new episodes of "Batman: The Animated Series" when he was a kid.

2. Steve considered himself a 90's kid because he was born in 1997. Greg did not agree with this, and thought Steve should be considered a "2000's kid," as that's when Steve spent the majority of his childhood.
by TaxiFred January 15, 2020
An extremely abrasive, obsessive -- and fucking idiotic-- breed of person who identifies as conservative. They are a nutcase who is right wing... hence "right wingnut."

They usually tend:
-To be fanatically, stupidly religious...
-To be closet racists and sexists...
-To be extremely homophobic/transphobic...
-To ironically be easily butt-hurt... while constantly calling other people "snowflakes"...

Their default response to any criticism whatsoever is to just repeat lazy, meaningless retorts like "If you hate 'Murica so much, then why don't you just get the hell out?!"

Fox News is their primary form of pornography.
Rhett: "I personally disagree with this new law. I feel it unfairly targets the disadvantaged."

Right Wingnut: "If you hate 'Murica so much, then why don't you just get the hell out?!"

Rhett: "I don't hate America. I just feel that it could be improved."

Right Wingnut: "That means you hate 'Murica and you hate Jesus, too! This is why we need prayer in school!"

Rhett: "I'm not sure what you're getting at..."

Right Wingnut: "Trump 2024! Tomi Lahren for Vice President! Ben Shapiro for Secretary of Defense!"

Rhett: "... ... ...what does that have to do with... wait, what?"

Right Wingnut: "You're a snowflake! This is cancel culture! Trans people aren't real! Guns! Just... guns!"

Rhett: "I genuinely don't know what you're talking about."

Right Wingnut: "You only don't know because you hate 'Murica! ...if you hate 'Murica so much, then why don't you just get the hell out?!"

Rhett: "Well, my family is primarily Native American, so where should I go?"

Ring Wingnut: "You should go back to China with all the other commie Mexicans! ... ... .. ... ... ....Trump!"
by TaxiFred March 2, 2022
A fictional personality trait that boring people use to feel special. They've decided that pretending to like food more than everyone else makes them super-duper cool.

They'll usually try to make bold claims, but it's all bullshit. No, you don't have a refined palate... you just ate three or four things you haven't tried before. No, eating for pleasure isn't something that makes you unique... everyone does that... it's why the fucking snack industry exists. And no, you don't possess uncommon knowledge about food... you just watched some Gordon Ramsay videos on YouTube.

Sorry, but being a foodie isn't a real thing. It just isn't. Grow up and develop a real personality.
Tammy: "I had such an amazing dinner! I'm such a foodie!"

Andrew: "You had microwave Swedish meatballs and a Nutty Buddy that's been sitting in your freezer for four years.

Shut the hell up."
by TaxiFred March 2, 2022
America's hairy, hemorrhoid-ridden asshole.

We're all embarrassed it's there, and we don't like to talk about. But we have to live with the fact it's just... there.
Douchebag from New Jersey: "Nah, Jersey's fucking great. Represent! We got 7-11's and, uh... I think Kevin Smith was born here! It's just jelly New Yorkers who hate us! We're fucking kings!"
Normal Human Being: "I literally just watched you scream and threaten to punch some kid in the face because she wouldn't loan you $10 for a pack of Salems and a can of Milwaukee's Best."
by TaxiFred June 15, 2017
The sort of flick you'd pop on for a few laughs during a rainy day when you can't go outside. They are sometimes also used as background noise while you do other things around the house. Silly comedies, dumb-fun action flicks and popcorn movies are popular choices for "rainy day movies," but it could really be any movie you personally find enjoyable.
Alan: "'The Mummy 3' with Brendan Fraser is my go-to rainy day movie. It's stupid, but it's good background noise while I do stuff around the house since I'm stuck inside."
by TaxiFred September 14, 2020