Cheep beer. But not like, "Oh dear God! What have I done with my life!?" cheep beer. More along the lines of, "Well... fuck it. Things could be worse." cheep. But for about $13 a 30 rack, what do you really have to lose?
Person 1: "I picked up a 30 rack of Milwaukee's Best."
Person 2: "Nice. Let's get drunk and forget that everything sucks!
Person 3: "I lost my job and I'm now homeless. I think I'll stick with a steel reserve. Milwaukee's Best is just too good for me."
by gypsy_lady4092 April 9, 2018
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1: $14.99 at rite aid (30 pack)
2: What you drink when your unemployed and still in high school with no liscense.
3: Perfect for 3 people.
4: Fits in two normal sized back packs. (also easy on each carrier, not too heavy.)
5: Board Sport crew.
6: Beer
Jazmyn, Ernie, and Galen are milwaukee's best.
by We are milwaukees best February 1, 2009
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Man, I finally got a girlfriend...she's Milwaukee's Best. But hey, it's better than nothin!
by Itasteburning March 31, 2021
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quite possibly the most disgusting alcoholic beverage known to man, milwaukees best comes in regular, light and ICE variations. usually found amongst older people who can no longer taste, or afford regular beer, so they go for the cheapest thing they can find that is still called beer. refer to disgusting and old people
Granpa billy: son back in my day milwaukees best was the best beer around, top notch i say. would ya like to try one?
You:sorry i gotta go
by Derrick Hughes May 29, 2006
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horrible beer mostly consumed by college students.
Brandon- How did that milwaukees best ice treat you last night.

Jon- Milwaukees beast ran a train on me.
by rickrosstheboss July 11, 2008
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