When you go out with a guy on the first date and he Try’s to Get In My Pants
Just met a guy . He picked me up at my place and within one Minute he tried to get in my pants!
by Quin Jacobs January 29, 2018
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When a girl comes to your house and she opens your pants and starts biting, sucking, and licking your penis. But when she sucks it to hard it makes her choke.
When that I let that girl get into my pants, she choked and almost died..
by Whiteamuiian February 11, 2016
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a phrase that is used after saying the same thing as someone, like jinx but cooler.
Chelsea: have you seen my softball? (simultaneously)
Alisa: have you seen my softball?

Get out of my pants!
by msnewbooty May 09, 2008
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