'Snyder' comes originally from the German name 'SCHNEIDER', which is the third most common surname in Germany. Other Americanized forms of the Schneider name are: Snider, Sneider, and Snijder. The trade origin of the name is 'tailor' in German. Snyders can be found all over the United States today and have a proud lineage of helping to build this country. Many can trace their ancestry back to before the American Revolution, to the early colonial settlements in Pennsylvania and New York.
"Our family changed their name from 'Schneider' to 'Snyder' when they left Germany to come to America, in the Colonial Period prior to the Revolution."

"Many Snyders fought in the American Revolution and helped the US gain independence from Britain."
by Johannes1710 June 26, 2012
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(Noun) A Snyder is a person whose boundaries are limitless. They can achieve anything they desire. Intelligence, Athleticism, & Beauty are all very common attributes of a Snyder. The Dos Equis beer commercials, the most interesting man in the world, were actually based mostly in fact about a Snyder. Despite having an "aura" of greatness, Snyders are very humble & respectful people. They are aware that to achieve, they must sacrifice & work hard. They gain only by their own merit, not off of the sweat of another. A Snyder will lift up his neighbor to help them succeed rather than gloat in their own success. Some Snyders are the life of the party, while others are simply great listeners. A Snyder is a great friend/companion to have.
In life there are leaders, followers, & Snyders. Snyders tend to lead the leaders.
by alphasnyder December 17, 2011
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1) Someone who claims to have been everywhere, done everything, and feels the need to always one up you because they're pissed that their life and accomplishments have amounted to nothing.

2) Someone who works in customer service and has no real authority, but targets younger associates using his age as justification to give orders.

3) One who has been known to financially butt fuck fellow associates, but makes up for it once a week when he brings everyone bagels.

4) A self proclaimed tennis pro
1. Guy 1) Dude, I just got back from Hawaii. I took surfing lessons and rode my first wave!
Guy 2) That's cool, I used to teach surfing when I lived in Australia. I went pro and even won a few competitions.
Guy 1) Oh, so you're saying you're better than me? You're such a Snyder bro.

2. Employee 1) Hey, go fix me a cup of coffee... 1 cream and 2 sugars.
Employee 2) No way, I'm in the middle of some shiz. Plus I'm not your bitch.
Employee 1) Son, I'm 48 years old. You better show me respect!
Employee 2) *mumbles* Goddamn Snyder

3. Rick) Man, that new guy ass fucked me on my paycheck again!
Chris) Yeah dude, looks like you got fuckin Snydered.

4. Girl) Hey Bryan, did you see that guys sweet moves on the tennis court earlier? He's such a Snyder.
Bryan) *shrugs* It's fucking tennis.
by Jmoneyyo November 1, 2013
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Pulling a Snyder. A. Getting fired from a job within 2-3 weeks of being hired. B. Having an intimate encounter with a woman of 47 years of age or older. C. Taking a dump on a bagel and setting it on a dinner plate at a friend's house with fork/knife.
A. I just got Snydered from my job. B. "Dude, look I'm totally gonna Snyder this chick tonight. She's only twice my age!!" C. Damn...this bagel isn't real?!?!?!
by The Zing Wing King July 26, 2010
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Similar but more unsettling than "Santorum," a frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex, mixed with blood.
Mary found evidence of Snyder in her bed, so she washed the sheets and made an appointment with her gynecologist.

After a long night of freaky sex, Mary and Joseph noticed the Santorum stain actually was Snyder, and they were scared.
by Dick Posthumously December 24, 2011
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From the Scandanavian word for "will warranty"
Jeff: Oh, I see this is a Snyder ticket.
Gary: I can get that covered for you. Its got a MAXCARE
by crockes March 12, 2008
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A man who will only settle conflict through lawyers because he is tremendously scared of his surroundings; someone who may be a very large man who is often overpowered by his small dogs; a douche bag; someone who may work for a Canadian institution of some sort, yet still claim to be patriotic; a man who may be too scared to climb up a ladder; a selfish prick
"hey man are you okay? Why are you on the ground?"

"my two small dogs just overpowered me right next to my BMW 5 series which I'm very protective of even though it's not that nice."

"wow your such a snyder"
by Brobrobro111222333 May 13, 2010
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