The development of a character within a story, that's given an improvement in characteristics and qualities. They may seem like a different person due to their actions & other's actions throughout the story.
'Kaz Brekker is like a whole different person by the end of Crooked Kingdom'
'Yeah, that was some good character development'
by sixcfcrows August 26, 2017
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The emotional, physical or mental growth of a character in any show or book. You're obsessed with them and call them baby.

When they're good they're "Awwwwiee my baby is so cute"
When they kill someone they're "Aweeeeieee my homicidal baby is so cute"
It can be depressing or fresh, * character development need not be liked by the fandom * it's something that the writers do to ruin our lives more than they already have.
2005 - gets arrested for carrying unlicensed firearms
2016 - arrested for the attempted assassination of the president of the united states of America
2020 -raising said presidents son to be God (then dying, obviously)
Writers : here you go, 15 years of character development going down the drain ~~~~~
by Spntapeball January 11, 2021
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Another word for childhood trauma or whatever kind of trauma. Used on tiktok TONS of times.
" It's called ✨ Character Development ✨😌🌼🍀🪴"
by Neverseen2prettybffs1gottaugly December 6, 2020
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1.To develop a character
2. To skillfully add details or a backstory onto a character
Character Development is essential for interesting characters.
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when a certain situation happens and your being put down bad but you lift yourself up and keep on going like the bad b you are 😘
yhh that drama was crazy so glad i learnt from it tho #️⃣character development
by Urmumlookslikeacow July 6, 2023
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