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when all you can think about is that one person
when you know you'd do absolutely anything for him/her, no matter how painful it is
when you don't need terms to define what you share
when you don't need physicality to know how much you two are in love with each other
"I really think I've found it.

"Found what?"

"It's real...I'm telling you..."

"What is?"

"This love I'm in, it's real love. It's so real. I'm telling you."
by Mrs. Karate December 10, 2011
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Real love is of the heart, and is a feeling that is the result of your intention to be loving. If you want to make your loved ones feel really appreciated, show them verbally and physically how much you care. Do little things and do big things.
Baby, here’s R10K, go spoil yourself, I got REAL LOVE for you.
by MbayLee October 14, 2018
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Harsh parihar

Real love =
Real love is not based on candle light dinner, Romance and walks along the beach, sex, money. It is based on respect,care, trust and compromise,

. Harsh
Real love

Needle thread

Just as the needle can enter in the thread without knot, in the same way true love can be of on means .
by Harsh Parihar June 03, 2019
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