It's when «You hold my hand. You gently pull me closer to your heart. I lay my hands on your chest just to keep a slight distance between you and I. It's cold outside but I can feel the warmth in your heart. Your heat warms me up like a personal heater. You gaze deep into my eyes. Your nose almost touches mine. You whisper that you have loved me and missed me as much as I have. You run your fingers through my hair. "May I?" - You ask. So gently and tenderly, you kiss me.»

It's when «You are so gentle to me. You let me use stethoscope on you just for me to hear your heartbeat 💓. I find myself catching my breath even though I am not running. "Can you show me how to use this thing? I can't hear well using it." - I asked... "Well then come closer, put your ear right next to my heart and listen to it.."»

It's when spring comes, flowers bloom and birds return. I'm sitting on the couch, caresing your hair and face while you are resting your head on my lap and peacefully sleeping on a Saturday afternoon. The birds are singing. The pets are playing. The wind is slightly blowing, and we are enjoying beautiful sounds from the wind chimes.
If there was a parallel world, I'd want to be very intimate with you.
by Wanderlust ® January 22, 2022
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1. when two people are within eachothers minds, without boundaries
2. of or involved in sex
3. something personal
i walked in on something a bit too intimate for me to see between my friend and some guy.
by suburban scum June 4, 2005
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One who is intimidating. A modern and fresh option for the timid to quickly and succinctly highlight the object of their terror or one who is in a state of being intimidated
Shit, she's hella cute! I'm way too intims to talk to her! Or: That bitch is fly AF, she's got her shit on lock, hella intims!
by Massivetrauma June 17, 2018
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Having an intimate personal relationship or connection to ones self only. A person can be bisexual but only a-intimate.
Pete loves having sex with anyone, but he doesn't date anyone because he is a-intimate. Many sociopaths are a-intimate because they can't develop feelings for anyone but themselves.
by GiantMU June 2, 2021
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untimely, inopportune.
Due to yours intimous decision. the labourers are all on strike now.
by uttam maharjan June 17, 2010
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The act of ones erection taking place during an intimate conversation with a spouse or loved one.
"We made up, we kissed and I got an intimate boner."
by Nuccuh November 21, 2011
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