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A place/building obtained by one who settled the unoccupied land without legal claim.
He lives in a squat.
by crazz August 15, 2003
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a) A deep knee bend exercise performed by competitive
strength athletes.

b) A lift performed by american high school football
team members and posted on Youtube involving combining
an ever increasing amount of weight on the bar with an ever
decreasing range of motion.
whhhoooaa dude! here's me like burying 650 pounds.
I reckon I could walk into the NFL like right now.

(cue a video of someone doing a 3 inch deep squat with
spotters holding both ends of the bar to help)
by moochinaround November 11, 2006
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UK Slang. Where mostly young people take up residence in a vacant house or building and also the building itself.
By the end of the week, Meredith was brought to the squat by Galen, so Meredith can crash and get his thoughts together while the cops hunted him down.
by Babydoll75 March 20, 2019
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an abandoned building or other dwelling place in which any group of people stake claim of residency.
"When I had no place else to go , I found this squat with some punk rock, runaway kids."
by naughty.icon September 30, 2009
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One of the three Powerlifts. A exercise where you put a barbell on your back loaded with X amount of weight and make a decent until the top part of your hip joint goes just below the top part of your knee, then with an explosive force, you stand back up with the weight.
Yesterday at my Powerlifting contest, I did a 650 pound squat.
by Jessxcr October 04, 2006
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