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what basic bitches call themselves
"Samantha, why did you sleep with my boyfriend?"
"Oh, I'm just quirky."
by Quirky Gal January 28, 2019
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Girl who dresses like Emma Chamberlain and desperately wants to be a youtuber. Can be seen wearing Doc Martens, scrunchies, and long sleeve striped shirts. Most likely will be drinking iced coffee and always have carmex.
nonquirky person: "I love your outfit"

quirky person: "yeah haha my style is really unique because I'm QuiRkY"
by megaphaggot April 04, 2019
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Somebody who think they are cool and eDgY (typically Americans) but they hide there accent because it makes then dIfferEnT. they are known to be using these terms: I'm not like other girls, and i'M sO unIQuE! rIghT?! These types of people most likely use Tumblr, and write fanfics on wattpad.
I step into class and realize that im already that late and QuIrKY student. I try to explain do the teacher that my alarm didnt to off until he turned around, when I noticed the teacher was CAMERON DALAS!

A\n Omfg! Thanks for reading my first wattle stor-
by Iamnotgayipromise February 05, 2019
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Is weird in a good way, sometimes describing a person with an excellent talent for mind-reading and has psychic abilities. A person that is quirky also has a way with words and spends a lot of time articulating thoughts and emotions whether in a car or writing in a journal. Quirky characteristics can also be a sign for the ability to put forth many amazing smiles from people. Quirky people can also be charcaterized as people who play, LOTRO and enjoy it. Quirky people may also have an uncanny obsession with Recess peanut butter cups and peanut butter chocolate icecream. All in all, quirky people are amazing, and great friends with excellent personalities that can bring anyone's mood up.
My friend is considered a quirky person because he/she has an obsession with recess cups
by the hobbit June 27, 2012
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