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Human semen. Semen has a milky quality. Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. Hence, Milky Whey, a play off the name of the popular candybar, "Milky Way."

Black men emit Milky Whey Dark. Obviously.

Also known as cum, jizz, jizm, spooge and many other terms.
After Karla was done blowing me, I splashed my Milky Whey all over her tonsils.

In Bukkake porn, the money shot occurs when multiple men spray their Milky Whey over a single woman's face.
by SuperCabbie July 02, 2017
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To take a ride in a taxi, and at the end, when the cabbie asks for payment, you run out on the fare. WARNING: It is not recommended that you try this. Many cabbies are either: A) Able to run you down, and beat the snot out of you, or B) carry a firearm. 'Nough said.
Yeah, the kid tried a cab and dash, but nobody can outrun a bullet.
by SuperCabbie September 20, 2007
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Any random porn site that encourages amateurs to upload their videos.
Tammy and I just made an awesome porno. We uploaded it to the internet. Soon, it will be all over BlueTube.
by SuperCabbie December 15, 2018
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Someone's anus.

Alternatively, a great looking buttocks on a woman.
That last bowel movement was so huge, I think it tore my fartpipe.

Look at the ass on that girl! Now, that's a great looking fartpipe.
by SuperCabbie December 15, 2018
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Just like coyote ugly, except that since you absolutely don't want her to wake up, you gnaw off your free arm first - for practice!
Man, she was so ugly, I thought I'd have to do a double coyote ugly move, just to make sure I ddidn't flinch or whimper!
by SuperCabbie September 20, 2007
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Committing an act of oral sex upon a person. Cunniligus upon a woman, or a blowjob upon a man.
Tiara is so tasty, I just love face-fucking her!
by SuperCabbie December 15, 2018
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All non-business related photocopied material, like birthday greetings, lottery ticket lists, party invitations, pictures of various body parts, etc.
Department supervisor: "Management says we have damn near doubled our photocopying costs in the last quarter. All of this Xerox-shit needs to stop!"
by SuperCabbie December 15, 2018
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