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To take a ride in a taxi, and at the end, when the cabbie asks for payment, you run out on the fare. WARNING: It is not recommended that you try this. Many cabbies are either: A) Able to run you down, and beat the snot out of you, or B) carry a firearm. 'Nough said.
Yeah, the kid tried a cab and dash, but nobody can outrun a bullet.
by SuperCabbie September 20, 2007
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Human semen. Semen has a milky quality. Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. Hence, Milky Whey, a play off the name of the popular candybar, "Milky Way."

Black men emit Milky Whey Dark. Obviously.

Also known as cum, jizz, ]jizm], spooge and many other terms.
After Karla was done blowing me, I splashed my Milky Whey all over her tonsils.

In Bukkake porn, the money shot occurs when multiple men spray their Milky Whey over a single woman's face.
by SuperCabbie July 02, 2017
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Just like coyote ugly, except that since you absolutely don't want her to wake up, you gnaw off your free arm first - for practice!
Man, she was so ugly, I thought I'd have to do a double coyote ugly move, just to make sure I ddidn't flinch or whimper!
by SuperCabbie September 20, 2007
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