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Used in the adult film industry to describe the climax shot. This is usually when the male creams on the females breasts or in her mouth. Or in the case when Tom nuts on another male.
Tom was taking the 7 train home one night when he engaged in a gang bang with 5 hung indian men. They gave hime a dirty sanchez and then came the money shot all over his face. They procceded to shave his pubes and head and placed the hair on his cum soaked face to give him the abe lincoln look. When Tom got home his dad saw a pink sock hanging from his ass from the pounding he took and he said "welcome to the club son."
by Mr. Excitement August 06, 2006
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A cream based shot, usually Baileys, purchased at a bar for someone and then drank into the mouth of the buyer. At this point the shot is spit into the face of the recipient.
I bought Heather The Money Shot for her birthday cuz I said I would buy her a drink. Now she hates me.
by corey kolvenbach December 26, 2006
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