Used in the adult film industry to describe the climax shot. This is usually when the male creams on the females breasts or in her mouth. Or in the case when Tom nuts on another male.
Tom was taking the 7 train home one night when he engaged in a gang bang with 5 hung indian men. They gave hime a dirty sanchez and then came the money shot all over his face. They procceded to shave his pubes and head and placed the hair on his cum soaked face to give him the abe lincoln look. When Tom got home his dad saw a pink sock hanging from his ass from the pounding he took and he said "welcome to the club son."
by Mr. Excitement August 6, 2006
To ejaculate (cum) on a woman's body, other than inside a crevice. Usually on the face or in the eye
I was screwing her, then i pulled out and gave her a money shot all over her face!
by Matt August 14, 2003
External male ejaculation in a pornographic film onto his parnter's body. The term comes from earlier days of pornography in which sex acts were often simulated, and this showed that it was not. It was referred to as the money shot, because customers were willing to pay a higher price for actual than simulated sex.
It's a good thing we got the money shot unedited. Otherwise it looked simulated.
by wfaulk September 17, 2005
During the act of sex, either oral, anal or vaginal, when the man pulls out and shoots a load of cum in his partners face.
Yo dog, I was hitting the skins with that floozy and when I was about to cum I pulled out and nailed her with the money shot. I felt like Clint Eastwood, got her right between the eyes.
by JHoop September 28, 2007
A deliberate and deliberately visible cumshot performed for (hardcore) pornography. The money shot almost always involves male ejaculation on his partner's body:

1. In heterosexual porn, ejaculation might take place on the woman's face, breasts, or on her back or (especially at the climax of anal sex) butt crevasse;

2. In gay porn, at the climax of intercourse, ejaculation might take place on the other man's face or chest (especially when the "top" masturbates himself a good deal); but when the video or photo is given over to anal intercourse, more often than not ejaculation takes place on the small of the bottom's back, very close to the entry and exit point of such anal intercourse.

In both cases the money shot, no matter how unrealistic in terms of how actual people climax their sex, is a staple of the genre because it shows the male (or "top") getting his satisfaction; otherwise, how could we tell?

Also called "splatter shot".
"I saw a nice Brazilian gay porn flick yesterday. Such beautiful guys, who the vid says are lovers in real life."

"Was there a money shot?"

"Sure there was. Top cummed on bottom's back, just like you'd expect."
by al-in-chgo March 13, 2010
This term is often used to describe a pinnacle moment in an event or the best course of action. It doesn't have to be used in a sexual context.
After hours in a tough meeting, they find the perfect conclusion:

Tom, that's the money shot right there.
by Ed November 28, 2004
When a glistening brown man takes a basketball in the last few seconds of the game and says, "Hey guys, this here is the money shot."
The glistening brown man took the basketball in the last few seconds of the game and said, "Hey guys, this here is the money shot."
by domingo benito juarez April 25, 2005