A job-related punishment or reprisal that is not illegal or discriminatory. Frequently applied to situations where the employee has not met the employer's subjective expectations of exercising discretion or judgement, but was not exactly wrong, either. Usually within employers who cover a large territory with physical outposts, this involves examining an employee's residence and reassigning the employee as far away as possible to make commuting distance costly, time consuming, and prohibitive, ultimately with the goals of: 1) behavior modification; 2) moving the employee away from the supervisor's area of responsibility; and/or 3) forcing the employee out of the organization because of possible hardships and expenses involved in the commute.
The captain called the trooper into his office and told him he would need to "take a ride" for writing the governor's mother a ticket.
by Hot East February 17, 2012
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(from Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)
Creating, and being involved in, a situation that may get you in way over your head-- but deciding that turning back would be a rather uninteresting option
When Kenny and Chris realized that they'd invited six uninhibited drunkards to go boating with them for an entire weekend, they briefly reconsidered going at all.

Chris: Oh well-- buy the ticket, take the ride.
by justin mcadam August 22, 2006
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A clever way of saying you're going to get high.
JOE: Yo you wanna go to class today?
MOE: Nah I cant, I have to take a plane ride.
JOE: Nice! Where you going?
MOE: Cloud 9

weedsmokingpotplaneridehighstonedbakedmarijuanagetting high
by RYMANtheFRYMAN April 17, 2011
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A saying that means if you commit enough bad actions, eventually those actions will spiral out of your control.
"Remember Sarah, who used to take Adderall in college? She just got arrested for aggravated assault and petty theft."

"Well, if you take enough rides with the devil, eventually he'll drive."
by CrazyandIknowit May 27, 2020
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To go off-roading while receiving a handjob, using the bumps on the road to create the hand motion
Hey, you wanna take a Jeep ride? Just make sure to bring an extra pair of pants, in case things get sticky
by ByGeorge April 30, 2021
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