The papers that hurt everyone who isn't invited
Them - Can you help me hand out invitations
Me - Sure, am I invited?!
Them -Um...
(Goes home and cries)
by CryingAllDay April 05, 2017
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An invitation utilizing two or more social media platforms such as,, Facebook, etc.
You don't wanna put that shit down on paper, you wanna go electronic and have an invitement.
by Unique Nuyorque July 17, 2013
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What I never am.
Person: Can't wait for the huge party this friday!
Me: Cool! Where is it?
Person: You are not invited...
by Puvar August 28, 2009
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When you create a gathering with a highly inviting quality about it especially a party or big event. When something is very attractive and community driven it is invitational.
"That art festival was so invitational, everybody was welcome to join in and it makes me want to bring my crew next time."
by futureforce November 14, 2018
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short for "invitation"
Thanks again for the invite, buddy!
by lingualtreasure June 05, 2009
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