it’s a sound coming from your bf that could heal you from your trauma and depression.
it’s actually very good for your health
bf: *whimpers*
gf: omfg how did my trauma magically disappear!?
by juicy ballz May 13, 2023
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1. the sound a little puppy makes when he's begging for your attention

2. the sound my boyfriend makes when he gets hot and bothered

1. cute little rover let out a whimper, wanting a doggy treat

2. after half an hour of fooling around, mike started to whimper
by skizzatle December 3, 2008
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A sound that some people are into. It's technically just straight-up moaning.
I love the sounds of men whimpering!!111!

Ashley. Please go to therapy.
by green909 June 13, 2023
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To whimper is a small, insecure noise you make when

1. under pressure
2. before/after crying
3. scared
4. in pain
5. so excited you wanna scream. not always to good kind of excitement, can be like stress

whimpering has nothing to do with being a "wimp" but can
1. As the teacher passed out the test, Bob started whimpering nervously
2. Bob's crying faded to shaky whimpering as he kept clinging to his dead girlfriend's body
3. He was tied to a pole in a basement. Ducttape over his mouth, he whimpered
4. When she pulled the bullet from his arm, a small whimper of pain escaped his lips
5. As they waited in line for the huge rollercoaster, he started whimpering
by *the happy emo* August 15, 2011
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A whimper is something out of pleasure, like when a woman whimpers my lesbian ass has a heart attack.
Her: Mhm, fuck…
Me: Dude, that whimper got me going crazy
by I🩷gothgirls October 3, 2023
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Basically men, moaning it’s very popular on tik tok so u might know..
kaleb is whimpering!! ”
Mh~ yes..”
by yourlocalg4y September 1, 2023
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The sound of men whimpering. Often liked by homosexuals or horny women. It became popular on TikTok and now people are even paying for whimper audios and hounding men to do it.
Sarah- Jacob blessed us with a whimper audio.

Stephanie- Who knew a guy could be so submissive and breedable?
Sarah- I know, right?
by Explaining shit June 25, 2023
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