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Low quality marijuana, usually very dry, full of stems and seeds and shit you don't want to inhale; Epitome of the phrase "quantity over quality"
what the fuck is this shwag doing in the bowl? shit man we might as well be smoking dirt.
by stew February 07, 2005

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The act of chewing. Not to be confused with masturbating
I can't talk right now, I'm too busy masticating this meat.
by Stew September 17, 2004

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One who licks windows, someone who has been released from a mental institution.
From the former Glenside Hospital in Fishponds, Bristol, UK.
When did they let you out, ya glenner.
by Stew January 19, 2004

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The live music capital of the world.
Austin, TX's music scene is incredible.
by Stew March 01, 2004

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Bristolian term for stinging nettles.
When kicking a football as far off the field of play as you can. (Therefore wasting time) Yo might say 'pick 'ee out the stingers'
by Stew March 31, 2005

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A person who hasn't the ability to make sense.

A person who over-engages in incessant chatter.
Oh no, here comes Donkey chops!
by Stew October 10, 2004

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Someone who is a grand master in the art of muppettry.
A muppett of the highest order.
This place is like working with the three muppetteers.
by Stew March 31, 2005

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