A human being from the city of Bristol in south-west England. Doesn't necessarily have to be a chav because not all Bristolians are chavs (thank god). Usually have a legendary Bristolian accent and greet people by saying "Awrite Lover" or "Awrite me baba" (Baba=baby).
In a pub

Mark (to Mary): Awrite me lover?

Mary: Awrite me baba?

Mark: A pint of lager please, Mary.

Mary: Right you are my love.

Mark: We're propper Bristolian aren't we Mary?

Mary: Right you are again my love.
by IndigoLynx February 16, 2008
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A Bristolian is someone from the city Bristol in England. As some people may think that all Bristolians are chavs, they are in fact not ALL chavs. Often known to bring a warm presence into a room unintentionally.
"Alright my luvver?"
"Gert lush!"
"I were just smoofin' the cat..."
"I be Bristolian, I be!"
And so on...
by BristolLOVEXD September 25, 2009
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A person who was born and bred in Bristol. Is likely to have a Bristolian accent.
Bristolian accent = "Awrite me lover? Shall us go down Broadmead to get us some bling from Argos?"
by j.c.d April 11, 2006
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A person living in Bristol. A friendly person who likes where he lives and hates modernization.
I'm a Bristolian, and I've lived in Bristol for years.
by Thebig1 January 20, 2019
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A student suicide, particularly if the student was denied support by the uni

Hey, at least we lead the university league tables for something!
How did Janice die?

It was a Bristolian Death
Aw that sucks, that's the third this week
by Ninththisyear September 10, 2019
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A Bristolian Drainpipe is a gangbang routine where the girl gets bent over and a funnel is shoved in her asshole and all the guys circle around her and cum in the funnel until her ass is overflowing
Josh: Oi Lewis get a funnel we’re doing a fucking Bristolian Drainpipe
by Wembleylasagne January 8, 2021
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