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The pinnacle game of choice in the modern sporting era. The game involves visting 18 different pubs, in 18 different locations, drinking an achoholic drink of previously specified choice. The aim is to complete the course, and the winner is decided as to who can complete the course in the fewest number of consecutive 'sips'.
The lowest possible score in Pub Golf is 18 shots. This would require 'downing' each drink in one go, and without stopping. Any player taking any more shots that the standard course par of 72 is deemed a fucking weiner.

Any form of drink 'spillage' or players puking up invokes a penalty of 2 shots.
by Steeman February 16, 2006

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Used when monged out when pondering something of maximum simplicity!
Chris: Whats the first letter of the alphabet?

Jonny: Hmmmm......
by Steeman April 28, 2005

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A theory that subscribes to the notion that there are only 2 outcomes to any kind of situation. It either will happen, or it won't, no matter how unrealistic. There is therefore 50% chance either way.

Also used to piss someone off, in an un-winnable argument.
Anybody: Oi, Gimp, Scunthorpe Utd will win the Champions League within 3 years.

The Gimp: No they won't, Man Utd will.

Anybody: Fuck off Gimp. 50/50 theory says there is a 50% chance they will. Its simple, they either will or they won't, there are only 2 possible outcomes so fuck off!
by Steeman May 07, 2005

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Used to describe something that is definitely going to happen, or has already happened that had a big impact, or evan a small impact!
Charlie: Ready for a big piss up on Friday night then fellas?

Matt: Yeah, fuckin' big time!
by Steeman April 28, 2005

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Used to describe something that is either very good, or very funny!
Chris: Look at that fucking douche bag over there that tripped up and fell in some dog shit!

Matt: Yeah that's a classic!!
by Steeman April 28, 2005

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A womans Poonani.

See also Axe Wound.
Cuthbert: I pulled this fucking bird last night. She was a right rotter.

Marmaduke: What did you do?

Cuthbert: I ate a fucking banana out of her gash!
by Steeman May 06, 2005

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To make agreed arrangements that are set in stone, agreeable to both parties, only then to pull out at the last minute due to ones own incompetence ( see also Gak)
Paco: Did that geezer come round to pick up that shit you were gonna sell him?

Marcel: Nah. The geezer...he throw a dippy on me at the last moment and now I'm fucking stuck with it.
by Steeman February 13, 2006

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