Ricky: Yo I needa tell you something
Trey: aight man what's up

Chris: ayo what's happening?!
Ricky: mind your neck niggeh
by retro.KamaKAze February 07, 2017
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The act of moving your neck in a direction usually to get a better look at something. Also sometimes used as a cheat code in the Google dinosaur game.
Person A: Can you see what going on over there?
Person B: No, but you should stretch your neck and see.
by Sup532 January 02, 2018
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A colorful way to tell someone to mind their own bloody business.
To quote Lily Allen's song:

"Didn't ask for your opinion
Not your business
Wind your neck in

Why'd you think you're better
Little rubber-necker
No one likes a trouble maker
Pull up your socks
There's nothing to see here
Why'd you have to be here
Can't you turn around and get back into your box"
by foxxytrotting November 18, 2015
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Given as advice to someone you you'd like to sit down and shut up, whilst also pointing out that they are wrong.
Dave, we've missed our exit thanks to your shit map reading, adding 20 miles to our journey, so wind your fucking neck in.
by Nic March 22, 2005
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this "got your neck" thing is weird......
so if one person goes like 👌 with their hand below the waist or above the head the other person cannot look
you have to put your index finger in the hole of their hand (yes, it symbolizes sex.... but don't take in that way)
if the other looks at their hand, the other person slaps their neck and says "got your neck"
Dave: is this your pencil, bro? *puts 👌 under waist*
Greg: *looks down at hand* goddammit
Dave: *slaps Greg's neck* got your neck!

Greg: eff u
by seal ion February 18, 2019
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Don't take things personally; stop being so defensive.
Damn bro, you need to "wind your neck in!". Every dude who bumps into your shoulder ain't disrespecting you! Its Mardi Gras bro! I ain't tryna fight nobody! Damn!!!
by talk2me-JCH March 26, 2021
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