1)When someone is being inconvenient, or taking advantage of someone else.
2)To insult someone and then claim it was a joke.
1) Builder: We should be able to finish working on your kitchen in about two weeks
Man: You’re having a laugh mate!

2)To insulted friend :Oh come on I was just having a laugh!
by blackthorn January 27, 2007
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'Having a laugh' is a remark used to describe a type of comic behaviour that is facetious, ironic or sarcastic. The person may be fooled into believing the other person is being serious, when in fact he's just 'having a laugh'. It's harmless fun.
In some cases it's synonymous with mockery.
But like most things British its subtle and understated.
It's also lighthearted in nature
"Are you suggesting I look like a girl with my long hair"
"No mate, I'm just have a laugh''
by Cinimod35 January 19, 2016
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1. "Are you kidding me?" Typically used in Great Britian.
2. The catchphrase of Andy Millman's (Ricky Gervais) in the tv-show-within-a-tv-show, "When the Whistle Blows". (from Extras.) Spoken in a high pitch and followed by "Is s/he havin' a laff?"
"What would you go for first if you were a piranha?"
"I'd probably just have a bag of crisps."
"Are you having a laugh?"
by Katheeeee August 18, 2009
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Making a big joke, so in that case, you're having a laugh..
Friend 1: I think I can defeat the high schoolers today!
by Hold Tight ASZNEE December 10, 2017
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Steven Grant’s iconic line in Moon Knight. A British expression used in times where something laughably shocking has happened.
Steven: “someone’s having a laugh!”

Steven… again: “you’re having a laugh!”
by avochlo April 30, 2022
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Having a laugh aren't you?

Used in online games when someone trys ripping you right off.
Person 1:How much will you pay for this?
Person 2:Erm not sure how much you want?
Person 1:(Mazzively overpriced number here)
Person 1:wtf?
Person 2:lol matt you see that?
by Peter Sykes January 29, 2004
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