23 definitions by Stauder

When some one is so intoxicated they think they can dance when in reality they can't. Normally seen at bars with live bands, but also seen at any establishment that serves liquor and has music.
Last Sunday I was at a bar and I shit you not there were twelve people dancing drunk.
by Stauder March 24, 2009
When the weather in California goes from a few day of heat(or cold) to the opposite leaving you saying "what the fuck is up with the weather?!?!"
What the hell man?!!? It was 98 yesterday and sunny as hell and today it's 65 and cloudy. Fuckin' california sucker punch
by Stauder April 23, 2009
A person who has the following traits:
-is hawaiian
-able to eat coconuts and pineapples whole
-pisses hawaiian punch
-shits palm trees
by Stauder May 6, 2008
When a mexican girl is decked out in black and white stripes. This can be either a jacket, pants, gloves, or any other garment of clothing.
My Friend Ericson and I were driving to disneyland and at a stop light we saw a Zebra Chololita.
by Stauder December 22, 2010
a measure of distance, approximately 50-60 feet
Michael: where is johnny?
Ryan: about a stone throw away
by Stauder May 6, 2008
When a big(big being tall or large) guy is into short girls.
Jeff is 6'4"
Jeff is dating a girl that is 5'4"
Jeff has a king kong complex
by Stauder September 9, 2009