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possibly the last hold out for blues and classic rock after stevie ray vaughn. made up of only two members, the white stripes sound is unmatched by any of its contemporaries. it is far from repetitive in that songs vary from jack whites light and sometimes humorous acoustic licks to grinding blues that is often accompanied by unbelievable slide play. yes, some recordings sound very raw and sketchy but this brings an honesty and pureness to their music. jack white is agruably the most talented guitarist in the world right now but this is hard to tell by just listening to the albums. you will know what i mean if you have seen his live performances
guy 1- who are the white stripes
guy 2- probably the last classic rock band
guy 1-whats that suppose to mean
guy 2-it means that the blues are dying and jack white is keeping it alive
by cfoles November 02, 2005
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A band consisting of two members with an ambiguous relation to each other. Are strangely obsessed with the colors red & white. Are awesome.
Well, everybody's reaction is changing you
But their love is only a fraction of what I can give to you
So let's do it, just get on a plane and just do it
Like the birds and the bees and get to it
Just get out of town and forever be free
Forever, I wonder we could stay together
It could change if you want for the better
Just turn down my shirt and lay down next to me
by abcdef June 19, 2005
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Quirky two-piece band of pasty-pale individuals obsessed with the colors red and white. Low-Fi.
"Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground kicks ass, BEOTCH."
by deutsch October 08, 2003
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The intentional postponing of an accomplishment to create hastiness, providing a desired effect. Made famous by The White Stripes' blistering 2-week recording sessions.
1-Did you write that story yet?

2-Nah, I think I'm gonna whitestripe it. I work better under pressure.
by machineinindia March 28, 2007
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The best band ever.have a lot of sound for two people.
I'm going to wichita.Far from this opera for evermore.I'm gonna work the straw.Make the sweat drip out of every pore.-from the white stripes 2003 hit seven nation army
by futuramafan January 19, 2008
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A band composed of two people, Jack and Meg White. Jack White, the bands founder has been influenced heavily by southern blues. Jack also used his wifes very primitive drum playing in his songs, which makes for a very simple, and easy-to-listen to beat(though this can sometimes be repetitive). The use of extremely low quality sound recording, gives a vintage sound to the band(though it does take away from the vocals a bit). The bands name comes from a speech given by Goerge Washington, when he described the nations flag saying

"We take the stars from Heaven, the red from our mother country, separating it by white stripes, thus showing that we have separated from her, and the white stripes shall go down to posterity representing Liberty"
Lets keep peppermints in a tray on our coffee table...because they have white stripes, like the band
by Ozzkev55 October 02, 2005
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