A typical small rural community located in Walkersville, Maryland & in Frederick County. Landmarks in the town include Walkersville High School, the McDonalds, & Sheetz. Walkersville High School has a wide variety of students including wiggers, blacks, hicks, douchey laxers & their hoes, outcasts, band freaks, & normal teenagers. The school mascot is a Lion & the students are referred to as Lions. The community has recently undergone a series of devastating events including the loss of a couple high school students & recent graduate due to car accidents. The high school football team, formerly horrible, recently came out unexpectedly and had an almost perfect season by winning all but 1 game. Walkersville's school rival is the Middletown Knights, who often try to prove superiority by saying we have "Dirty Water".. no. Walkersville has proven to be a very strong community. Only a couple miles down the road resides Woodsboro, Maryland. Landmarks in Woodsboro include Trouts Market, Trouts Town Restaurant (Formerly known & still referred to as Crums), Highs, & The American Legion. The aroma of these towns consists of manure, & if you're in Woodsboro, fresh crabs with Old Bay or fried chicken from Trouts. Sure, these towns are surrounded by corn, & are home to countless country hicks, but we all have come to appreciate the close knit community of our little hick town and wouldn't have it any other way.
"Hey, is Deerfield in Walkersville or Woodsboro?"
"IDK man, I'm just tryna go to Sheetz"

Maryland Walkersville Woodsboro Walkersville High
by true.shyt December 1, 2011
A town in Frederick, Maryland that is inhabited mostly by cows and rednecks. If you like cow tipping, hanging out at Sheetz, and a sucky football team, this is the town for you!
Walkersville kid: Hey lets go back to my house and go cow tipping.
Frederick kid: Fuck Walkersville.
Walkersville kid: Screw you guys, I'm going to Sheetz.
by J3nna January 14, 2007
This school is also located in Fredneck, Maryland. This school is Mostly White, has wanna be "gangstas" (a.k.a "wiggers") and Sluts. Over half the school smokes pot just like the other high schools in Fredneck. The people want to start fights or do dumb crap to try to get attention. Mascot? : The Lions. Oooo soo scary. "Who let the Lions out of the Cage".. Good one! No one cares because all of the teams suck! (like Frederick High). Sorry for your loss.. NOT!
Guy 1: "You have a Girlfriend?"
Guy 2: "Yep!"
Guy 1: "She goes to Walkersville High doesnt she?"
Guy 2: "Yeahh."
Guy 1: "Wow.. You're dumb because all of those girls there are sluts... Watch out for the STD's son."
by Truth.Speaker January 29, 2011