A great british classic rock band from the 1970's. Their music consists of heavier, more raw songs that are the basis of heavy metal, together with intricate, longer and more progressive songs. For example: The song April, about nine minutes of it is a Baroque melody played on keyboard and guitar.
Greatest songs: April, Child in Time, Black Night, Smoke on the Water, Lazy.
by "Dana" August 3, 2005
A hard rock band formed in 1968 that featured (in the Mk II lineup) Ian Gillan on vocals, Ritchie Blackmore on guitar, John Lord on keyboards, Roger Glover on bass, and Ian Paice on drums. Deep Purple is known best for their song "Smoke on the Water" from the Machine Head album. Other popular Deep Purple songs are "Hush", "Fireball", "Black Night", "Highway Star", "Woman from Tokyo", and "Perfect Strangers" just to name a few. Deep Purple are often considered the pioneers of Heavy Metal music.
Deep Purple is one of the few underrated classic hard rock bands that still churn out great sounding music that doesn't have that God awful "modern rock" or "nu-metal" sound.
by signull May 23, 2006
1. A legendary rock group. By rock, i mean heavy 70s/80s stuff. Check out Smoke On The Water or Black Night for example
2. Indigo. AKA opium. Which i haven't had the chance to try yet. Maybe someday...
drugs are bad, mmmkay? but if you must try any, research them beforhand, mmmkay? NEVER take something if you have no idea of what effect it'll have
by B08z0r3llo August 13, 2005
Deep Purple is a British rock group. They were one of the first and most famous hard rock bands, and are considered pioneers of heavy metal.

Despite their association with the sub-genre, Deep Purple has never been purely a heavy metal band, though many later heavy metal bands cite their influence. The group has frequently changed styles and lineups over the years, but has always included virtuoso players in its ranks and placed a high priority on musicianship. Some incarnations of Deep Purple have brought aspects of jazz to a rock context due to their frequent use of their songs as vehicles for extended and sophisticated solos.
Highway Star, Lazy, Space Truckin', Sotrmbringer, Flight of the Rat, Child in Time, Hard Lovin' Man
by Unholy Diver January 14, 2005
An awesome band, greatest songs are: smoke on the water, black night, strange kind of woman
by tan October 28, 2003
A great british 70's rock band! Its guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, Keyboardist Jon Lord, and drummer Ian Paice are all excellent musicians.
This band was known to have witnesses a lot of changes in its line-up.
Who's your favorite Deep Purple vocalist?
Ian Gillan, or David Coverdale?
by godfather November 6, 2004
One of the greatest bands of all time, who were at their peak in the 1960's to the early 1970's. They were characterized by their heavy; riff-based music style. Their biggest hit was Smoke on the Water, but they also had hits with other songs, such as Black Night, Burn, Knocking at Your Backdoor, and Space Truckin'. Had great musicians, like Richie Blackmore, John Lord, and Roger Glover.
Deep Purple is one of the heaviest classic rock bands.
by The Neil October 22, 2004