Tagging, in a graffiti sense. Oftentimes "striking up" is terminology used by gang members when they go around their hood and rep their gangs through graffiti, but can also be used when referring to regular tagging.
-Yo, bro, ima go strike up a bit, get myself up there. You in?
-Lil homie, now that you down with the set, time to teach you how to strike up
by MACKIE Z June 27, 2014
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to make, begin, start, commence
guess I’m just not all that sensible. Then one day I strike up a conversation with a lovely young woman named Angelica at a party who didn’t know what my movie was called, but she knew where I could find it for sure For sure?
by Rapture1 November 26, 2011
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To swing your middle fingers as if you were a conductor orchestrating a band. More elaborate and eccentric way of giving someone the finger.
"Tye was a dick yesterday. Time to strike up the band when I see him next."

"If the teacher pisses you off just strike up the band and leave."
by SLAYERLAD April 16, 2015
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I constantly thank God for Esteban lyrics
Strike up the band: I constantly thank God for Esteban
Just stay where I can see you douse the lights…!
We sure are in for a show tonight.!
by numberedtables April 23, 2022
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