a phrase invented by taylor swift on her album evermore (gold rush, 2020) it’s when you really like someone but there are others who want them desperately as well, and it ends up in a rush to get the golden one. just to reiterate, she invented this phrase!
Dang, Taylor Swift is awesome. Girls and guys are gonna be lining up to be her friend like it’s a gold rush.
by book beep December 14, 2020
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towards the end of school/university, everyone in the year that you normally walk past and have a groin clench/minge twinge as you walk past, you now have the confidence to try it on with, on the basis that you wont be seeing them next year.
J: Its nearly the end of term. Have you got your gold rush list ready?
A: Mate, not only have i got my list ready i've got my soundtrack, its Kanye West:Power, so motivational!

It was like a gold mine in there, everyone from our year was there and they were all up for some. I gold rushed the shit out of {insert name} and boy did i strike gold (ker-ching!)

Walked past {insert name} and had the biggest minge twinge/groin clench, as it was gold rush season i thought why not, and gold rushed them till i struck gold.
by WeeWilly April 27, 2011
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A huge movement of people going to a place to look for gold
A gold rush commenced when James Marshall found a small gold nugget and the word of the discovery spread.
by Golden Robot March 19, 2017
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A tiny squirt of pee in your pants from laughing too hard.
That was so funny I got li'l gold rush.
by Woah woah WOAH October 27, 2006
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A strain of marijuana resembling plant found exculsively on Lyall avenue. (Toronto On)
Yo, I got some dank wanna buy it?
No way man thats gold rush, where'd u get it Lyall?
by reinprecht October 9, 2007
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A rush of people interested in dating East Asians
Guy 1: Dude, check them out! I just found a gold mine!
Guy 2: You're into Asian girls...?
Guy 1: Yeah man. They're hott.
Guy 2: You're such a gold miner...
Guy 3: What's wrong with Asian girls? They're the best.
Guy 2: Nothing. I'm just not attracted to them.
Guy 4: I can't believe you're not interested in Asians.
Guy 2: What the crap?! Is this a gold rush???
by Scotty Shaw March 4, 2008
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To take a large poop in your friends shower then smash it through the shower grate until essentially only the corn is left.
My boy didn’t pay the rent, so I gold rushed the place.
by Thedarkcity April 16, 2019
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