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(Kazuya Mishima) is a character from the (Tekken) fighting game series by Namco, now known as (Bandai Namco). He is the main character in the first two games and an important character from (Tekken 4) and onwards. He is the son of (Heihachi Mishima), the husband of (Jun Kazama) and the father of (Jin Kazama).

As a child, he was abused horribly by Heihachi and was thrown down a (cliff), being told that he would only be worthy of being called a (Mishima) if he could climb back up. Kazuya did, thanks to the (Devil Gene) that he inherited from his mother.

Years later, Heihachi opens a fighting tournament. Kazuya, seeking (revenge), enters the tournament, wins and throws his father down the same cliff.

After this, Kazuya slowly became more and more evil and crazier, He is thrown down a (volcano) by Heihachi, only to survive that as well.

As usual, (Smash fans) have resorted to calling Kazuya a "(shoto)" and "a (Ryu) clone", despite the fact that Kazuya has almost nothing in common with Ryu at all.

Kazuya Mishima, Tekken 4 (2001)
by Some guy on UD June 24, 2021
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A video game released in 2016 by Atlus and Sega. It's about a guy named Joker who leads a gang called the Phantom Thieves, a gang that steals valuables and the hearts of evil people to turn them good.

Could also refer to stealing something.
1. Persona 5 is my favorite video game! I hope it eventually gets a Nintendo Switch release!

2. Damnit, my watch got Persona 5'ed!
by Some guy on UD September 25, 2019
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The main character from Persona 5. He's a high school student who also leads a gang called the Phantom Thieves.
Joker is my favorite video game character. I'm so happy he's in Smash Bros.!
by Some guy on UD July 26, 2019
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An underrated video game made by Rockstar Games in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance. It released on the same day as GTA: San Andreas. It's a 2D styled game, set in the same universe as GTA III.

The story follows Mike, a criminal seeking to leave Liberty City with his friend, Vinnie, and start a new life. However, Vinnie is killed in an explosion, leaving Mike to search for his killer, while still doing jobs under various bosses to raise enough money to leave Liberty City.
Grand Theft Auto Advance may not be able to hold a candle to the GTA games of the same era, but it's still a good game, especially for the Game Boy Advance.
by Some guy on UD July 19, 2020
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The online part of Grand Theft Auto V. It used to be a fun game, but it has become a nightmare nowadays.
GTA Online used to be fun, but now it's full of griefers, tryhards, screaming kids, Oppresor MK2s and overpriced currency. Rockstar has lost their magic.
by Some guy on UD May 20, 2021
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The main character of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is a former mercenary who took a teaching job at the Garreg Mach Monestary. He has the Crest of Flames, a mysterious yet powerful Crest that allows him to wield the Sword of the Creator. Fans of the Super Smash Bros. games really dislike him.
Aided by Sothis and with the Sword of the Creator in his hand, Byleth rushes into battle.
by Some guy on UD August 28, 2020
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Claude is the main character of Grand Theft Auto III, a video game made by Rockstar Games in 2001. A silent protagonist, he doesn't say a word and just does as he's told. He was first seen in 1992, running an illegal racing ring in San Andreas. After he loses the garage to Carl Johnson, he moves to Liberty City with his girlfriend, Catalina. While robbing a bank in 2001, Claude is betrayed and shot in the face by Catalina, leaving him to be arrested. While being taken to jail, the Callahan Bridge is destroyed by a bomb set by the Colombian Cartel, allowing Claude and a fellow inmate known as 8-Ball to escape. After finding a hideout and getting situated in the city, Claude swears to get his revenge on Catalina.
Claude. A character so badass, he doesn't need to speak to get his point across.
by Some guy on UD August 28, 2020
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