Tak (Hā•rūmpf) -n.

The low rumble of a dog's growl, most commonly heard in the background if paper plane making videos.

Tak (Hā•rūmpf) -n.

The name of a paper plane
Annus: i dont think "Tak" will make it.

Unus: just watch, i will destroy YOUR plane with ease!!1!

Friend1: Your dog made that weird sound..

Friend2: yeah she Hrumpf's a lot
Friend1: how do you spell it though?
Friend3: T A K
by Unus rules!!1! June 21, 2020
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Pronounced ha-r-um-f
Mark: Can you spell harrumph
Ethan: T-A-K
Mark: TAK!!
Ethan: Harrumph
by ZacEflawn July 14, 2020
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Pronounced Harumph
A grunting noise a dog makes
Amy - "Nah it's just Chika taking"
by lailanaupaka June 20, 2020
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A slang word used by the fan base of unas annus which describes a sound made made bored dogs similar to sighing. Pronounced “Harumph.”
Chicka: *Taks*
Amy: “that was just chicka taking.”
Ethan: “What did chicka do? What did you call it?”
Amy: “tak”
Ethan: “Tak”
Mark: “GOOD WORD!”
Ethan: “ Good word Amy”
Mark: “Hooked on phonics really paying off”
Mark: “how do you spell Tak?”
Ethan: “T-A-K!”
by NotAMasochist June 21, 2020
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South San Diego Country slang for a Filipino person. It's foundation comes from the "taking" sounds of their native Tagalog.
"Did you see those 3 taks in the Apple store the other day? They wanted to send an iPhone back to Manila
by taktakrevenge October 22, 2009
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1. (特) Means "special" or "distinguished" in Cantonese.

2. The name of the most beautiful and special girl on the planet.
That girl is so Tak.
No girl can hold a candle to Tak.
by bruins72 October 18, 2014
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Someone who rents a hotel room to spend the night with their mistress, only to find out they can’t get it up because they screwed the nasty bartenders before their hot side chick shows up
Side chick- Why don’t you wait for me?
TAK- Sh.. the F.. up!
by Koller December 18, 2019
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