Country Club Crest Side of Vallejo, Ca. Home of the world renown Andre Hicks aka Mac Dre aka The Furley Ghost himself.
Crest, Crest Side, Country Club, Mark Ave.
Also home of Mac Mall, cutthroat committee..Famous Mark Ave. known for them bopps hood knockin, sideshows, hella crackin throws, niggas goin dumb like tycoons nigga whaaa. Known as your local source for high quality PURP, thizzels sizzels cd's and dvd's, tony yayo, And we got Marine World next door, goin dumb off Medusa with a backwood in my hand.
That is the Crest
by WeTycoonInDa707 September 4, 2008
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when a man ejeculates on a person without knowing and becomes hard on their clothing and makes it look like a crusty substance.
haha hey romolo i crested on jerrys shirt.
by xRICKx September 27, 2010
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To sex someone, harder than usual, but not as hard as possible.
I think we should Crest, Ben.
Hell yeah.
by +♥♥♥+Crest+♥♥♥+ November 8, 2010
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i just crested that guy
crest that doobie over here
by Duff October 5, 2004
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When shit is playing peek a boo with your anus
John was on the toilet cresting but I don't think any shit came out.
by Shithouse man November 4, 2018
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Cresting is when you reach a point of such pleasure during sex or masturbation that you know that one or two more strokes and you’ll cum. Like being right on the crest of the ultimate final pleasure wave.
Man I was cresting for a long time before I finally tugged that sucker all over her face. On reflection I think she would've preferred a different wake-up call...
by Cap'n B! Oh Yeah! July 7, 2008
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