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A device used for nun masturbation.
People don't make candles out of sperm any more because nuns kept getting pregnant.
by erokke July 11, 2004
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A device that creates dim lighting. Every man owns exactly one, which he lights when he's trying to get a woman to have sex with him.
Just don't store the condoms near the candle.
by daywalker. August 26, 2009
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A smelly 10 cent piece of wax that you can burn that females buy for $20. Once used for light before electricity and the lightbulb.
Should I buy the $15 peach raspberry candle or the $25 holiday sampler?
by DudemanBKNYC November 19, 2016
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A lazy man's way of saying "can't handle". Invented by a smart man by the name of john.
Zamy : "hey john lets go play sf!"
John: my computer candle it
by ihunt4bieber January 21, 2010
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Safe word. The desperate plea to stop after a long night of domination, getting beat like Rodney King.
Susan? Damn, bitch! Whatcha doin' with that twelve-iron? Candles! CANDLES!
by St. Clare's January 02, 2006
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a joint, a blunt, its so thin and white that when lit it looks like a birthday candle
Katt Williams: "I have 12 candles at my house. I've been waiting to burn them mudafuckas"
by Brizzy Izzy July 25, 2011
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