1.) Also known as "The King of the Iron Fist." It is a tournament where fighters from all over the world search for their true destiny. Many have failed and few have found their true fate.
2.) Best fuckin fighting game ever!
1.) Marshall Law: Are you gonna enter the tournament?
Paul Phoenix: Hell yeah man, I'll see you there and beat your ass.
Marshall Law: That's what you've been saying the past decade Paul, it hasn't happened yet.
2.) Other fighting games: Virtua Fighter, and other wanna-be's.
by Gregory House April 1, 2005
The way in which fighting arts are formed, by ones soul and ki energy. Thus Tekken is released in the most serious sitution and makes a warrior a hero
Kazuya was almost dead, he struggled to stand. He looked inside himself to find his tekken and found the energy to win
by craz May 27, 2004
Basically a fighting game in which some guy named Kazuya Mishima always gets the crap kicked out of him by his dad and everyone takes turns whooping his ass except in Tekken 3, when he was supposedly dead.
I basically summed up the storyline of Tekken in one sentence.
by steve_k February 24, 2003
Tekken is a fighting game that is developed by Namco. starting its roots on the Playstation with Tekken, Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 (best one, in my humble opinion) and later carried on to the Playstation 2 with Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 4 and Tekken 5. Though the game is a classic in the fighting genre of videogames, It offers no new game play. Basically you're being sold the same thing in different packaging with a few new perks.
Namco: How much more can we beat this dead horse?

Clint: I don't know. i think they'll catch on pretty soon.
by iwannabeanalcoholic April 21, 2005
the greatest fighting game of all time. it's easy to play not beat and hard to master. take it from me. ive played tekken for 6 years and are the australian chmapion at it. Also, Street Fighter, Rival Schools and Soul Calibur 2 rock and 4 all of us out there that like Virtua Fighter suck my balls
Tekken - Japanese for "Iron Fist".
Also a 3D fighting game created by Namco (Bandai).
As well as a video game it was a film, in 1990. Directed by Junji Sakamoto. It stars Takeshi Yamato, Bunta Sugawara and Karen Kirishima. The plot centers around a young ex-prisoner who takes up boxing. This movie has to relation to the video game, Tekken, although it shares the same name.
"Complete knowledge of once flesh, blood and fist is what creates one's tekken. And tekken is the key to life!" - Tekken the Motion Picture.

"Enter the Tekken" - Tekken 3

- or -

"Welcome to the King of Iron Fist Tournament..." - Tekken Games
by OrignalTAG May 26, 2014