Officer Tenpenny describes Carl Johnson as a mother fucking piece of shit gang banging cock sucker
Carl: Uh- Sweet!
*Distracts officer Tenpenny*

*Missed shot at Carl*
Tenpenny:It ain’t over Carl! It ain’t over!
Tenpenny: Carl you motherfucking piece of shit gang banging cock sucker!
*Shoots generators to make building explode*
by Frank_Tenpenny July 21, 2019
Man: Did you hear? Carl Johnson's mom got murdered and he's back up with the hood now.
Man #2: Yeah, he's beating up those Ballas suckas.
by OGFL May 6, 2009
yo nigga CJ from groove street
Hey Carl Johnson you ugly ass mf get ur ass over here.
by notsoname March 10, 2020
The main character of gta San Andreas who became a meme for saying "Ah shit, here we go again" and for pictures of him crying.
Did you see my TikTok video with the Carl Johnson memes haha.
by ambro the greatest April 15, 2022