35 definitions by Smitty

The head of a mans dick
Can you make my mushroom helmet touch your tonsils?
by smitty December 20, 2002
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contraction for Chatropolis.com

Chatropolis is a semi-free, XXX chat site that has some very depraved individuals and a wide collection of topical rooms to entertain them.

They're very old school with the scrolling Java text interface, scrolling conversations, incessant spam-bots, and 25 person per room limits. Some kind souls use these rooms to submit pornographic .jpgs and .gif for an impromptu slide show.
"I need mindbleach from talking to the perv's on Chatro'."

"Chatro' has rooms for most every perversion, except snuff."

"I wish that the newbies would learn to 'Privately Whisper' if they're going to send a one line come-on to every person in the room."
by Smitty May 23, 2008
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The Danger Chode was born and raised in the bay area. He studied at the prestigious Antioch High School, the school that would forge his destiny. By day the Danger Chode attends Sacramento State, posing as an ordinary student named DC. By night the Danger Chode patrols the streets looking for women in need of partially satisfying sexual pleasure that only a Chode can provide.
The Danger Chode can really skin the sides, but he just can’t hit the cervix the way I like it.
by Smitty March 29, 2005
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the starting and/or ending place before/after a night on the town
Let's head back to the lab and call it a night.
by Smitty February 24, 2003
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Dirty White Girl Night - The code word used when you are around people who don't need to know that you are planning on hooking up with easy White girls for the evening.
Yo, Playa, this weekend we'll have DWGN on Friday and then go out to the Butt Naked on Saturday.
by Smitty February 24, 2003
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While fucking a chick doggy style insert one finger into the asshole gently reach around and whipe just under the nose. Also known as the dirty sanchez.
I totaly gave your mom a phat ass hittler last night. She loved it.
by smitty September 17, 2003
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When you play a sport (e.g. basketball) at your highschool and you hook up (sexually) with a young lady friend some where in the school before the game.

Named after the French word for theatre where it is so easy to get laid in most schools.
I hit 20 tonight cause I got me a little pre-game theatre.
by Smitty February 25, 2003
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