35 definition by Smitty

an idiot from the city
you live in a large city and go rough it camping in the woods. You are a citiot
by smitty April 28, 2004

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Homonyms which determine the I.Q. of the user.
There refers to a place.
Their is a possessive noun.

See also: you're/your
"There is a car" - Intelligent
"Their car is cool" - Intelligent
"There penis is small" - A fucktard.
"It's over their" - A fucktard.
by smitty October 20, 2003

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A game that was America's answer to the "giant mecha" craze in Japan. In it's original incarnation, it was a table top game played using painted pewter miniatures, dice, and pencil and paper. MechWarrior, originally, was the Role Playing Game in the same setting. The game and setting were produced by the FASA gaming company, which was later bought out by Microsoft so that they could license the setting for it's "MechWarrior" and "MechCommander" line of computer games. Microsoft promptly let the table top version die as they were unwilling to support anything that didn't involve a computer. The setting has since been licensed to WizKids Games who promptly turned it into a “Collectable/Tradable clicky figure” hobby game.
Battletech used to be fun, but this collectible bullshite is a sad ghost of it's former self.
by Smitty February 13, 2004

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getting really drunk
Smitty got shit hamered over at Coles last night
by smitty September 17, 2003

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The condition of some chick who has one eye looking at you, and her other eye is looking at the wall. Kinda like being cross eyed except instead of the floating eye looking inward it looks outward.
Paris Hilton
by smitty January 06, 2004

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To have your porn confiscated by another.
Dude, I hate some sweet mpegs of japanese puke swapping whores, but my wife found and lydelled them.
by Smitty April 01, 2003

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The head of a mans dick
Can you make my mushroom helmet touch your tonsils?
by smitty December 20, 2002

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