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A one-shtick, fat, moronic "comedian". If Comedy Central outlawed the use of the phrase "DE DA DE", he would be mowing people's lawns where he belongs.
I think Carlos Mencia is funny, so I probably have Autism.
by SmellyBaptist September 28, 2006

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A better band than you and your gay little friends could hope to start.
Motley Crue was the best band in the 80s.
by SmellyBaptist September 27, 2006

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A genre a music that glorifies murder, drug use, robbery, abuse of women, and gang life, to name a few things. Not to mention, rappers cannot sing. Their voices make Jesus cry. The fact that people who listen to this genre have been proven to be more violent and more likely to use drugs, and all these worthless rappers haven't been dragged to the edge of a cliff and thrown off is beyond me. Urban black youth don't have any other role models other than these stupid fucks to look up to. And you wonder why the black youth today are in such a shitty state. If you want proof of why this genre is horrid, read any of the definitions in favor of it. "YEA SUN MEH N' MUH NIGGAZ B LISNIN 2 DIZ SHIZ WEN WE GO KILLN N GANGBANGN N SHIZZ IT B OFF DA HOOK SON." Worthless.
50 Cent, an "artist" of the gangsta rap genre, got shot 9 times. Too bad none of them were fatal.
by SmellyBaptist February 22, 2007

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As I said in the Dan Brown entry, this book was based upon the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, written in 1982. And it pisses me the fuck off every time some idiot sees the movie and thinks they are a fucking Religious Scholar, when they don't even know Dan Brown wasn't the first guy to say that Jesus was married to MM and they had kids, and the decedents walk among us today. Dan Brown is just a shitty fiction writer, whose books read like screenplays for a movie, and to sell more books, he copied someone else's ideas and made it into a fiction book because he's a no talent hack.
I saw The Da Vinci Code in theatres, now I think I'm an expert on Religion, but really, I'm just a moron.
by SmellyBaptist August 22, 2006

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Commonly thought of as a band, Hawthorne Heights is actually a giant sack of fecal matter disguised as a band.
What is this flaming bag of Hawthorne Heights doing on my front porch? *stomps*
by SmellyBaptist September 27, 2006

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A semi-Latin word that you can use to make your friends (who hopefully do not know Latin) think you are deep and funny. It's also a great pickup line to use in bars and clubs.
"Yo bitch, my motto is "Carpe Penis"; "Seize the penis"

"Omg ily stick it in me.
by smellybaptist June 24, 2007

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The "Gooey Duck" is when you and your lady friend are having sex in a pool, hot tub, or any other body of water, and when you cum you pull out and put one of her legs on the side of the pool and jizz on it. That way, when she puts it back in the water, she swims weird because she is trying to get it all off, much in the way a duck would swim if it had something sticky stuck to it's leg.
Dray: I gave Nicole Peaslee a gooey duck when we had sweet HxC sex all night in the pool last night because she is hot and loves my naked body.

Haney: Okay. . .
by smellybaptist June 24, 2007

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