The title of the best band is currently held and has been held for 40 years by a little band known as The Beatles .They are the no.1 selling artist of all time and they saved rock and roll from extinction which would of meant no rock/metal/etc!!These guys changed music,style and the world in the best way possible.hell if it was't for them we wouldnt have some of the kick*** rock music made after the 60s till today!and no long hair on guys which equals no are a few other bands that have come close Led Zeppelin,Nirvana,Metallica,The Rolling Stones.
See The Beatles Beatles

1:Hey what is the best band in the world?

2:That my friend goes to The Beatles!
by The Music Guru January 17, 2010
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A title that is currently held by Metallica, a thrash metal quartet from the 1980's. All four members were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009, including their exbassists Jason Newsted and Cliff Burton (R.I.P.)
Metallica currently wears the title "Best Band". Other bands that have claimed that title include Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones.
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Something that will never exist, especially given the fact that everyone thinks that thier own personal fave is "teh best band evar!1!1!!1!one!".
"Hi. I am a random user and I think that _____ is the best band ever."
by nikkan_hanil July 30, 2004
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An opinion, every person has a diffrent view of what it is and there is no right or wrong awnser, exept the Jonas Brothers, who are a bunch of shit playing fags.
THe Best band ever is the band who is the Polar opposite of the Jonas Brothers.
by Amsahater7339 September 15, 2009
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The term used by everyone to define their favorite band on Urban Dictionary. Especially common among listeners of lesser-known bands and younger people with narrower tastes. It can never be known who the best band ever is, because it is subject to different preferences and opinions.
Melodic death metal fan: Green day has no talent- you're just a conformist who likes to bandwagon on every hyped band with sex appeal. Clearly, Opeth is the best band ever.
Objective listener: Neither one of you is completely right- now please stop cluttering Urban Dictionary with your opinions!
by Thesaurus Rexx May 8, 2010
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A discustingly overused term used by idiots
guy:sum 41=best band ever!!!
other guy:you have no way of proving that,go to your room
by king wally January 7, 2006
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There are many bands that compete for the title of "the best band in the world", popular ones include,

-the Beatles
-alice in chains
-pink floyd
-led zepplein
-the rolling stones
(all of those are great bands by by the way)
and the list goes on, saying _______ is the best band ever is pretty much saying that thats your favorite band
In my opinion the title for the best band in the world would have to go to the doors, but that's only an opinion and no band can really take the place as the best band in the world unless every single person on the planet liked said band.
Fred: the Beatles are the best band in the world

Mike: hell no! metallica kicks their ass on the stage

Bill: are you kidding? pink floyd all the way

Dan: the doors are better than all of them combined

Tom: lolz U guys R so gay, limp bizkit is by far the best band ever.

Dan, Bill, Fred, and mike settle their differences and beat the living shit out of tina.
by mr. Sexypants February 18, 2010
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