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The title of the best band is currently held and has been held for 40 years by a little band known as The Beatles .They are the no.1 selling artist of all time and they saved rock and roll from extinction which would of meant no rock/metal/etc!!These guys changed music,style and the world in the best way possible.hell if it was't for them we wouldnt have some of the kick*** rock music made after the 60s till today!and no long hair on guys which equals no are a few other bands that have come close Led Zeppelin,Nirvana,Metallica,The Rolling Stones.
See The Beatles Beatles

1:Hey what is the best band in the world?

2:That my friend goes to The Beatles!
by The Music Guru January 16, 2010
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A title that is currently held by Metallica, a thrash metal quartet from the 1980's. All four members were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009, including their exbassists Jason Newsted and Cliff Burton (R.I.P.)
Metallica currently wears the title "Best Band". Other bands that have claimed that title include Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones.
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