incongruously varied in appearance or character; disparate
-"No borrowing lunch Motley"

-"A Motley crew of discontents and zealots"

-"Who's that?"
-"Sean motley"
by Medfield Monster December 21, 2010
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Wild and crazy; loud. Greatest 80's hair metal band alive!!
Dude, that concert was very motley! I cant wait for the next one!!!
by Deeana_trash July 9, 2005
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Outside smell. The smell of the outside in your clothing.
You smell like motley, were you just outside?

A southern expression meaning you smell as if you were just outdoors/outside.
by AQfrumdaBX June 22, 2018
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Someone who belongs to The Motley Crew - a bunch of scally bitches.
The type of person who judges others for their appearence, their taste in music, how much money they have - and just about everything else. They are pathetic sheep who, on their own, cannot survive.
by hello April 1, 2005
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Behaviour associated with football fans and general 'laddish' behaviour.

Plural: Mots or Motz
*guy 1 chanting in the street*
Guy 2 - "Mate, you're so motley"

*Guy sees a man dressed completely in Adidas*
Says to friend - "Look at that motley bastard!"
by The Major Douglas May 4, 2013
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The clothing worn by a clown or jester, especially during times such as Mardi-Gras or Carnival.
Fortunato arrived at the festival wearing motley, complete with a belled cap.
by Murphy February 14, 2005
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