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A 2003 novel written by Dan Brown. The controversies regarding the plot (Jesus Christ being married, Holy Grail being a woman, etc.) still ensue today. The movie version was released on May 19th, 2006. It is directed by Ron Howard.

Many people say that they will boycott any theatre that shows The Da Vinci Code. Why? Because they say it's not real. OF COURSE IT'S NOT REAL. THAT'S WHY IT'S IN THE FREAKING FICTION SECTION OF THE FREAKING LIBRARY. Imbeciles.
by Thrashmeister May 16, 2006
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A fiction novel by Dan Brown. Altought entertaining to read, it is often mistaken by uninformed wankers as factual non-fiction. Like almost all novels, it is completely based on bullshit.
Da Vinci code is a novel, not a text-book u fool!
by div0 April 11, 2005
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A fictional digest of the notion that Jesus was actually a mortal human who lived and married and made babies and died as people do. The story suggests strongly that the Church usurped Jesus' following by misinterpreting and heavily editing the gospels. The notion is a threat to the Church which bases all its power and influence on the idea that Jesus was magical God being who had no faults and for some reason committed a suicidal sacrifice for the benefit of everyone.
The Da Vinci Code is the first level of detox for a soul weary of Christian mind control.
by Bronco May 08, 2006
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A fictional book that many Christian fundamentalists have tried to disprove despite the fact that it is a FICTIONAL BOOK.
by The Bad Guy February 24, 2007
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The book wasn't too bad in my opinion, sure there were a lot of problems, but I liked the plot and the conspiracies in it. but then again it's just my opinion if I like it or not. and considering that this site is Urban Dictionary! I can write this if I so wish. now I wait for everyone to start hating on this.
person1: Dude did you read the Da vinci code?
Me: Yes why?
person1: oh it's such a piece of shit!
person2: Yeah it sucked outright!
Me: alright that is your opinion. true there were many flaws. but I just like the plot and conspiracies in it
by Doesnotcareman July 07, 2011
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A book that's fun to read but the quality of the reading is pretty shitty.
Even though I really liked it, that book Pamela Anderson wrote was kind of a Da Vinci Code.
by Cloudwacher August 27, 2006
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A book written by contreversial author Dan Brown. Although it has a good plot this book is not very well written. It is written exactly like a movie, for example, on the back a review says " Wow...Blockbuster perfection". Blockbuster. As in MOVIES! WHy didnt he write a movie script instead of a book? An how the f*** can you fit 105 chapters+epilogue and prologue into a 600 page book!?!? It's just stupid!
person1: i read this book the other day. It sucked!
person2: how much?
person1: well it didnt suck as much as the Da Vinci Code...but it was pretty close
by The Harry August 19, 2006
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