someone who talks up a big game or tries to show off (either in real life using big words that make no sense and/or are out of context, pathetic taunting, or online by hopping on his armchair and playing keyboard warrior), but has no real talent in life to back it up. generally these no-talent hacks can be found living in mom's basement, playing the latest headset-gear-based first person shooter games, all the while eating cheetos or dollar store puffed cheese snacks and having yellow-stained game controllers and fingers, alongside a variety of tissues from "boy" activity strewn about the floor. in the middle of all this, they are quick to make sure to let the everyone else know how much they suck at life. rinse and repeat.
michael is a no talent hack who lives in his mom's basement, visiting websites enjoyed by the adult population while shoveling used tissues under his bed, and then he plays video games while eating cheetos and tells everyone else they suck at what they do.
by PotBelly FatGuy October 11, 2015
Literally no one’s name, it’s a company. It’s a sick company for sure, but like, as a name? It’d be weird if you had it. We wanted to make something more x-rated but, alas, this is an Instagram representing a company so, here we are.
"Would you do anything to participate in a trend?"

"Want to sit at this table for lunch?"
"No, I'm not cool enough to sit with Talent Hack"
"Yeah, you are. They're really nice to everyone"

by we literally wrote this today November 23, 2021
by Talent Hack November 23, 2021