To be so sad that you go home drunk and alone, cry and masturbate using your own tears as lubrication.
Jon:Dude got dumped on Valentine's Day.
Ace: He's going home to pull a Calvin.
by Varnell August 7, 2006
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Someone that is a complete bad ass. Or in other words, a BAMF.
If a Calvinator walked into a packed club, heads would be turned.
by Nivlac Mruts February 5, 2008
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A Calvin is a guy who is really nice and funny. Also he's really smart too. Kinda shy and sometimes very serious, but he really does talk to you if you talk to him. Also, a Calvin is very gawd;):) girls will be attracted to a calvin really easily!
"OMG i met this new guy...he's like so amazing."
"Sounds like a Calvin to me"
by fappythedolphin January 6, 2013
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The most amazing person ever. A Calvin is wonderful, funny, intelligent, sweet, and sexy. A Calvin is a bit of an idealist, and his innocence about reality is endearing. He knows how to love. He has a dream and he plans to accomplish it no matter what. A Calvin is somebody you should never let go of.
X: Hey, who's that amazing looking person?
Y: Oh, it's Calvin. He's that attractive every day.
by calvidy February 6, 2013
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Calvin is a great guy. Calvin is really skinny and kind of tall. He’s athletic, has lots of friends, sometimes braggy and is well known. Everyone knows he’s goofy, live and has the biggest, most adorable smile you’ll ever see. It’s easy to be attracted to Calvin and if you hang out with him it’s hard not to catch feelings for him because he has the best personality. But truly getting to know Calvin and spending time with him is great because he’s really funny and always will make you smile. Cuddling Calvin feels like the best thing in the entire world because he knows how to hold you just right. But if you start actually “talking” to Calvin be aware that your feelings may be hurt because he has a lot of hoes. If you and Calvin stop talking it will probably be because of his hoes. You’ll never forget Calvin and will think of him all the time. Everything you do will remind you of all the good times that you shared with him. Missing Calvin hurts because you wish you could be with him all the time. When Calvin is upset with you all you could wish is for him to love you. But when you’re upset at Calvin it secretly hurts him but he will never let it show. You might have mixed emotions about Calvin but you don’t truly want to. But sometimes his “player” nature is shown and it hurts you hard. Calvin can sometimes be hard to love but you seem to always do.
“I love hanging out with Calvin even though he be playing with me sometimes” 🤦🏽 ♀️
by bad.bihh June 21, 2018
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Calvin is a cool , nice , funny friend and plays sports. He's trustworthy and nice. He may not have all the looks but he does treat a girl right. He will take care of her , protect her , love her with all his love. Calvin is amazing.
by Cashley554485 April 30, 2015
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A human being who can be awkward yet cool intelligent and noice to people, even if their a dick to him. he gets good grades often and stays quiet, he is quite shy.
" Why did he say thanks when i called him an asshole, oh that cause he's Calvin, he's often noice even though people are mean to him."
by Pondering Panda May 31, 2018
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